On the 2nd of February, I met up with Karen. Again I entered into another realm, Karen's realm was one where she was the Queen and I was a visiting King. She received me accordingly. Again we worshiped each as we both know how!

Karen has a way of making me surrender to her and yet I was stll able to pleasure to the best of myself. I could see that Karen is like no other woman/ sex worker that I have been with. When I'm with Karen, it never feels that I'm with a a courtesan/ sex worker, it feels more like I flirted with a beautiful woman that I 'picked up' and it went all the way.

Her willingness and generosity is very special. Karen is a special and unique soul. Also this time Karen gave me a new experience, which I am keeping to myself.

Yohan (February 2017)

I met Karen on Thursday the 3rd of November 2016. It was like I had entered into another realm, her realm. She was the queen and I was her visitor and guest. Not only did she get to know me, she relinquished herself to worship me and satisfy me catering to my inner most desires.

Before Karen I started to become disillusioned with women. Karen restored my faith in the sensuality of the women. I definitey will see Karen again.

- Yohan, (November 2016)


I love the gift you give me
Sharing your body and company
Giving me pleasure
When we are together
You provide more than a service
That is more than just business
But a feeling of being wanted,
Desired and cherished
So in our few short hours
I succumb to your sexual powers
And you revive my waning manhood
And restore it as it should
So I hope in my way
These words convey
A gratitude that is beyond a paid service
But something that it is quite priceless
- Jeremy (May 2015)

I met Karen recently when she was on the Gold Coast and I think that it was about the best experience I have ever had with an escort.

I left after an hour walking on air.

It is no surprise to me that Karen won the best GFE award, what a fantastic time.

Every minute I was there Karen made me feel cherished.

It helps too that she is damn hot.

I am glad I dont live in Sydney though, as if I lived that close to Karen I would go broke very quickly, but what a way to go!

Thanks Karen, the experience will last a lifetime.

- Dave (September 2014) 

I have noticed Karen's profile on Private Girls for quite some time but our stars have never aligned. That is until recently.

After making contact with Karen we arranged a suitable time and day for our rendezvous. The day of our meeting I contacted Karen to confirm that all is order. She quickly replied in the affirmative and so I spent the remainder of the day looking forward with great anticipation to finally meeting her!!

I arrived just prior to the designated time and sent an SMS to let her know that I was there. Karen sent a message with her room number and floor. I was going to finally meet this beautiful lady.

I reached the door of her room, a quick light knock and the door opened to reveal a gorgeous lady dressed immaculately

She greeted me with a vivacious smile and lovely embrace and kiss. I complimented Karen on how stunning she was and said that she is far more beautiful in person and that her photos do not do her justice.

We chatted and got to know each other for a while before we retired to the bedroom. Now this is where things got very sensual, erotic and steamy indeed. But out of respect to this beautiful lady I am not going to go into all the delicious details of what happened between us during our wonderful time together. That stays embellished in my memory bank. Suffice to say, I am confident in saying that Karen had as wonderful time as I did. She is a delightful, sexy, interesting lady.

Our time together flew by and unfortunately I had to depart from this divine lady!

Anyone contemplating visiting Karen should not hesitate to do so!! Would I recommend this lady? Hell yes!!

I will say this though, treat Karen with respect, and she will return her affections in spades!!

I am already eagerly looking forward to a return visit from her.

Karen, you are a beautiful, vivacious, sexy and down to earth lady. I cannot thank you enough for a memorable experience indeed!!

- Paul (April 2014) 

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Karen in Tasmania. What a delightful experience, being in the arms of a very sexy woman who exudes great personal qualities.

Being initially nervous Karen has an innate ability to not only make you at ease but also immerse your mind, body and soul in a heavenly state. Her highly professional yet down to earth and sincere demeanour instil confidence and enable the time spent together to flow all too quickly.

As an affectionate partner Karen is un-rushed, incredibly thorough and knows exactly when to stimulate and create the hot spot. lol.

If you are a good bloke and a gentleman and in need of high class company then Karen is the woman of choice. She is genuinely interested in you.

Tasmania has many hot spots and for a short time this week another was added with Karen’s presence.

Hurry back Karen and get in line gentlemen.

- Tassie Barry (April 2014) 

I had the pleasure of spending time in the presence of Karen and really words cannot sum up how simply amazing Karen is. From the moment we met to the time I sadly had to say good bye I was at ease. Karen's pictures do not do her justice as she is even more stunning in person as her pictures and that smile of hers simply lights up the room! I won't go into details of the night but suffice to say Karen is sweet and ever so naughty when the mood strikes her and boy oh boy what a naughty streak she has :) i was looking forward to meeting Karen and after what felt like an age I got to and now I can't wait to see her again. I started with a smile and ended with a smile and I am smiling as I type this remembering the amazing time I got to spend in Karen's company.

- Andy (January 2014)  

If you seek the attributes of the perfect woman - attractiveness, intelligence, sexiness, grace and attentiveness - then you have found the lady that is all of these - Ms Karen Thompson. Karen is caring, kind and friendly. She treats you the way that lovers should do. Karen has the ability to catch you in her lovely web, one which you will not want to escape.

I have seen Karen several times now and each time is its own adventure, filled with different delights. Karen is accommodating and enjoys fulfilling your every whim and desire. Treat her gently and with great respect and you will be rewarded with an enriching experience that transcends anything you've probably had before.

Karen is not a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' lady - she's a romantic, so please bear that in mind. I cannot wait to see this lovely lady again.

If you want the best, look no further than Karen Thompson.

- MiamiVice Dave (December 2013) 

I was very nervous, but within minutes of meeting Karen, I felt much more at ease. She was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.

Karen is exactly as her photos portray her - very beautiful! She is an amazing person and knows how to make a person feel good. I may never get back to Sydney again, but if I do, I will definitely contact Karen.

Thank you for a wonderful evening!

- Scott (November 2013) 

Found Karen via twitter, appointment was easy via email, so having not talked to Karen I was really happy to meet her real life. She put me at ease very quickly, and it was not long until we were in each others arms. I was looking for a gentle and sensual time which comes very naturally to Karen. The time we had together was fantastic and the best time I have ever had. Then to top it off the massage was fantastic. I will be back and soon I hope.

- Wineo (October 2013)