Over the last few years I have penned a few guest stories that Karen has posted on her site.  Under the pseudonym "Mr Adventurous", I have described a few of the many adventures Karen and I have shared. What I am about to share is our latest joint journey down another twisting road on our sexual road trip.

From time to time I frequent a very well run establishment on the north shore.  Of late I have repeatedly booked a very beautiful lady (lets call her Eve).  Eve is a stunning woman, skin like buttermilk, large natural breasts and a behind so beautiful words cannot describe it adequately.  Over our routine 2 hour sessions we have quickly learned what turns us both on, and have a comfort that is only bread out of familiarity.
Recently I booked Karen for an overnight stay.  We both love it when I do this because such sessions remove the pressure of time, ensuring we both have a chance to relax and share ourselves.  Karen is always keen to hear about what I have been up to so I shared how much I had been enjoying myself lately with Eve.  When I floated the idea that maybe Karen could accompany me to the brothel at some stage and we could both enjoy Eve's company, Karen's eyes lit up with excitement.  She became genuinely exited with the prospect of accompanying me.  At that moment I knew it was when not if we would add this detour on our continuous journey of shared sexual experiences.
Fast forward a week, and I find an excited Karen at my hotel early waiting for me to finish work and get back so we can share a taxi to the brothel.  During the intervening week I had spoken to the brothel owner and sought assurances that Eve would be available for a two hour session with myself and my female friend.  Further I sought a specific assurance that Eve would be comfortable playing with both of us.  The brothel management were wonderful in accommodating our request and professionally managed the logistics.
I have rarely seen Karen so exited.  She confided that it is over 15 years since she worked in a brothel and she was thrilled to visit one again, especially as a punter rather than a provider.  The taxi ride was over quickly and before I know it Karen is out of the taxi keen to experience the full brothel punter experience.  We bound up the stairs, ring the bell and are ushered by the receptionist into a private waiting room.  Despite her professional approach, the receptionist could not help by express surprise when greeting us and a subtle smile came across her face when she realised that we were "THAT" couple that had pre-booked Eve for two hours.  After a short wait, Eve knocks and enters.  Formal introductions are made and we are heading down the hall to our room. As we follow her down I decide that the best way I could get the party started and settle any participants nerves is by being assertive from the get go.  So the moment the three of us enter the room, I turn to Eve an place a deep passionate french kiss on her.  I am trying to signal an intention, I want both ladies to understand that any inhibitions should be short lived.  Before I know it the two ladies are politely checking boundaries and seeking permission form each other to kiss and touch.  I reflect on how wonderful it is to hear one woman ask another permission to touch her breasts!  Not something I hear every day, and soon followed up by seeking permission to touch each others pussy.
Despite how aroused I get by seeing two ladies intimate, and coupled with my statement to Eve that tonight should be about both of us providing a pleasurable experience to Karen, I find that my initial assertive approach is directing the proceedings and orchestrating how the ladies are arranged around my body.  This is where a combination of Karen's professional experience and her confidence in our relationship, motivates her to intervene.  She directs me to stand down and she skillfully takes charge.  She politely directs Eve to lie face down on the bed.  She then delivers a beautiful leg and back massage to Eve.   I am left to observe these two naked beauties as Karen via her slow, sensual and skillful touch completely relaxes Eve.  I watch as Karen's beautiful breasts touch Eve as she drags her excited nipples over the back of Eves legs and bum cheeks.
The rest of our time together is completely uninhibited.  Karen's climax arrives as she is lying on her back, Eves massive breasts squished against hers as they deep french kiss each other.  While this is going on I am between Karen's legs with my lips locked on her pussy and my tongue relentlessly and lightly massaging her clit.
Another memory is created when I find myself bemused as the two ladies chat away talking shop.  As they both compare brothel work today compared to the good old days I am struck by the uniqueness of the conversation, given that I am continuously licking Eves pussy as she straddles my face while my cock is being routinely squeezed as Karen exercises her vagina muscles.  The conversation suddenly stops as they lean in to complete the triangle and words are replaced with the sounds of passionate kisses.
Notwithstanding the stated aim of providing Karen with a memorable female / male experience, in the end both ladies ensure my pleasure is sated as I find myself in the immensely pleasurable position of having Eve on top of me passionately kissing me while my hands cup and massage her breasts.  My concentration is taxed because as much as a want to concentrate on this sensory feast, I become distracted by the warm feeling around my cock that can only be Karen's mouth.  Karen's oral skills are the stuff of legend and before long I am climaxing uncontrollably.
Eventually a taxi is called and we are bid farewell.  As we hop in the cab, the driver asks us how has our night been.  We look at each other and ruefully state that it has been a very good night so far indeed.
Back at my hotel we cuddle in for a debrief.  We both agree the night has represented one of the best shared sexual experiences we have had.  I could not wish for a better road buddy.
Until the next Karen and Mr Adventurous adventure."

Over the last four years or so I have been on an adventure of sorts....a sexual adventure. 
My partner for this sexual road trip has been the sensual mature private escort sydney Ms Karen Thompson. 
Little did either of us know, what fun lay before us when we met for the first time.

From a simple beginning, a standard gfe sydney 2 hour session, we have built a rapport based on mutual respect and trust.  This genuine sexual attraction and sexual chemistry has led us to explore parts of my sexual identity that have resulted in us trying all kinds of scenarios.  This sexual play is so personal that I could only contemplate doing it with a sexual service provider such as Karen, a person I trust and respect unreservedly.

So recently my sexual road buddy, mature cougar escort sydney said yes to my next detour down the path to sexual enlightenment.  Karen said yes to joining me and another couple in my first foursome.  For anonymity reasons lets call this new couple Emily and Mark.

Given that the planned foursome would be the first time Karen would have met them, I suggested Karen phone Emily beforehand so that the ice would be partially broken and rules of engagement could be discussed and agreed.

In order to make the sexual fantasy complete, Karen suggested that she and I meet first then travel together to their place.  Once the foursome was over, Karen would accompany me back to my hotel so we could spend the night together.  I readily agreed to this plan as it fulfilled thefantasy of two couples meeting up then the partners returning to their own double beds to share the night together.  This inspired idea, really added to the sense that Karen and I were a couple about to spice up our sex life together by inviting another couple into our love making.  It also had the added benefit of allowing me to enjoy the wonderful sexual delights of Karen until the morning alarm forced me from this sexual

So after weeks of anticipation the evening arrives.  Karen meets me at my hotel as planned.  My god
she is a wonderful sight.  I great her with a warm kiss and hug and my arousal becomes obvious. 
We are soon in the car heading to a new experience for both of us.

When we arrive Emily and Mark welcome us and make us comfortable with a glass of wine and a chat. 
I sense that the nervous tension is abating so I head to the shower for a quick freshen up.  I decide to move the proceedings along by heading out of the bathroom nude.  Despite my initial nervousness at being so under-dressed my new sexual friend, Emily decides to save me by getting up, coming over to me and removing her red cocktail dress in front of me.  I am now looking at a beautiful matching set of red lace lingerie barely covering Emily's sexy body.  She moves in and starts french kissing mewhile grinding her sexy body against me.  Before I know it her hand is down between my legs and she is doing a great job in pleasing me.  As wecontinue hugging I look behind her and watch Karen begin the slow sensual undressing of her new
male friend.  It is almost an out of body experience for me as I watch Karen work her magic on Mark. 
I don't have to imagine what he is experiencing, because I have experienced it all and I know how wonderful
he is feeling as i watch Karen milf escorts sydney drop to her knees to continue pleasuring him.  My attention is drawn back to Emily as she helps me remove the last of her under garments and before I know it I am now sucking on her wonderful breasts, in full view of Karen and Mark.  This experience has awakened within me just how turned on I get by being watched and watching. 
Another town on the sexual highway visited.

Before long all four of us are on the bed and enjoying every combination imaginable. After the first hour or so Karen calls time out for refreshments. Wine glasses are filled and the four of us engage in friendly small talk and banter.  It is time to catch our breath and regroup for the second half. It strikes me how normal this friendly small talk is notwithstanding we are all naked on a bed and during the whole of the intermission Karen girlfriend experience sydney has been sitting on me cowgirl style!

Soon our batteries have been recharged and we are good to go. I decide it would be great to take turns worshiping each lady.  When it comes Karen's turn we all set about giving her as much pleasure as possible. 
So imagine the scene, Karen laid out prone, with Marks face buried between her legs contentedly
giving her such pleasure, while Emily and I attack each of Karen's prodigious breasts from each side of the bed. With this triple oral pleasure, it does not take long for Karen to explode in a blissful orgasm.

After a round of doggy where Mark and I take turns servicing both private mature ladies sydney,the session reaches its natural climax. 
All to soon we are biding our goodbys and promising to do it again.

Karen and I walk back to the car and head back to my hotel.  I think we are both struck silent by the shared pleasure we have just experienced. This is a road trip like no other.  We look at each other and smile as
we now have another shared sexual experience, a first for us both but definitely not the last.



Much unlike Sydney the Blue Mountains experience is as changeable as it is beautiful. After a long sleep, we woke to the sound of rain falling in the private garden outside. Slipping out of bed to make us both a nice morning cuppa I noticed a very distinct chill in the air. We had gone from sweltering to winter wonderland in a single night! Unfazed by the turn of the weather, as a mature private escort, I’m more than flexible enough to deal with a little inclement weather, drawing on my gfe wisdom I began to plan an indoor adventure for Mr. T. While rare, there had been the occasional all day booking at my Dulwich Hill and Surry Hills locations from time to time.

Slipping back into bed with our morning cuppas we enjoyed a leisurely cuddle. We had ample supplies and no real need to go out. With a nice cup of tea and playful chit chat it was not long until things warmed up in the bed. Reaching down I began to perform my morning milf massage on Mr. T who responded with very firm attention, it was not long until he was gushing with satisfaction.

And that set the tone for the rest of the day, while the hills ‘were alive’ with the sound of rain, the bedroom was alive with the sound of Mr T enjoying his girlfriend experience. We would make love, eat and chat with some massage interspersed throughout the day. Ladies the key to an all-day session is to remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint. While most mature escorts in Sydney can get a man over the edge, it is another to make an entire day of it. As a mature gent, Mr T was a little concerned, reminding me that he was not a twenty-year-old any more. But I knew that if you just relaxed and take the pressure of performance away, wonderful things can happen if you go with the flow.

As the evening began to arrive, the temperature dropped even more, Mr T had been eyeing up the fireplace and with a smile suggested we fire it up. What is it with men and fire places?

As Mr T set about getting our fire going I went back to the kitchen to prepare some snacks and bubbles by the fire. With pleasant banter flowing the job was soon done and we were ensconced on the rug in front of a lovely open fire, the safety grill ensured no stray embers would get out of bounds while providing us full accessible view of its hypnotic warmth.

A glass or two later and Mr T was also enjoying the full accessible view of my cleavage as he snuggled in closer. Like sweet and savory, the warm glow of the fire against our naked bodies contrasted with the chill of the night air. Everything felt both crisper and more intense as we enjoyed each other.

It had been a long and wonderful day but I knew it would take something special to get Mr T over this last hill for the evening. The warmth of the radiated heat mixed with our unrushed passion built his arousal up and up. The benefit of a regular escort for girlfriend is the understanding that comes with time. I could feel Mr T swell and knew just when to accelerate the pace, a milf knows when to go slow and when to quicken things up. Timing things perfectly we built up to the final crescendo for the evening, I could feel his swelling inside me that presaged his final orgasm, I was so close myself I reached between my legs and gave myself a little rub just as he exploded inside me, my own orgasmic spasm squeezing him, milking him repeatedly.

Exhausted we curled up in front of the dying embers of the fire for a few moments before climbing into bed together exhausted and glowing in a way that only a full day of love making can deliver, welcome back to your twenties Mr T !


The Arrival (Part Two).

Arriving somewhat later than expected we reached our accomodation for the next few days feeling very good indeed. The venue was pure old warm charm with a magnificent king sized bed leading into a huge living area. Along the back wall and dividing the two spaces were glass fronted bookshelves filled with an electic collection of old and new. Three huge lounges, richly apholstered faced an open fire. The entire space radiated charm and comfort! As a mature private based escort in Sydney I'm used to staying in quality accomodation, but this time the timeless charm of this place was unique.

Not that we expected to need an open fire given the recent weather conditions but noted for future reference nonetheless. The day had been long and pleasant so we settled in for a relaxing first night together. Making good use of the bed for a brief and very satisfying second round of very intimate girlfriend experience (gfe) we enjoyed each other before sleep finally overtook us.

The next day Mr T needed to attend his corporate responsibilities so I reconnoitred the local sights. Private mature ladies in Sydney know how to shop and I made the most of the opportunity to ensure this milf would be milking tonight!

Introduction (Part One).

While I usually provide a girlfriend experience in Sydney an opportunity recently came up to provide a gfe in Surry Hills with Mr T who enjoyed time with a mature private escort. He mentioned that he had some business to attend to in the Blue Mountains in a few weeks and how lonely it was travelling alone on these trips. As we finished up with a milf massage I said I’d be happy to help once he had the details.

Making the booking.

Sure enough a few days later a booking request came through. The quickest way to make a private mature escort smile is to follow her booking directions. Mr T provided all the required details in the first email which made it a delight to accept. As per my deposit policy I sent through the details for the required amount. You can certainly tell the men from the boys when you mention a deposit, real men are happy to confirm their reservation with a deposit, heroes pay in full, boys run away. Mr T was a hero and without prompting the entire fee appeared in my account well in advance of the booking date.


This was to be a multi-day booking, a few days at a boutique resort. Mr T had some business to attend to so we would be engaging in an erotic mix of business and pleasure. Feeling a bit of a cougar as I packed my bag for the extended booking and the smile on my face grew as the warmth between my legs got hotter in anticipation.

After a great night together, my friend, Josefina suggested perhaps we could offer a doubles package to a select group of our favourite clients. I loved the idea. It would definitely have to be a premium offering. Josefina has a head for business and a first class body for sex. My newfound appreciation for pussy definitely needed more nourishing so why not share my fun with my favourite clients? I had often been asked if I offered a doubles service, but I had never found the right partner. Well now I had, and so I agreed. My award winning Sydney GFE experience would now also include a doubles partner for the discerning businessman.

We needed a trial run, but it had to be someone special, someone with a sense of adventure, someone who would appreciate a really high-class double girl-on-girl experience. This was going to be a premium experience, so we needed to find a premium client.

Mr Adventurous!

Mr Adventurous was our obvious choice! He was someone I knew would really appreciate the visual aesthetic we would create for him, and he also has the stamina withstand the attention of two beautiful women working him over in the way only high-class professional pleasure-givers can do. Josefina and I had arranged an overnight booking in a hotel with Mr A. When we arrived, he came down to meet us and escorted us to our room. 

The dream came to me again last night. I was teaching a husband how to pleasure his wife, a wife who was secretly hiding in the wardrobe watching us. I lay on the end of the bed my legs wide open. He knelt on the floor pleasuring me with his eager tongue. My gaze wandered for a moment, to the dark recess of the wardrobe. I could feel her eyes watching us... watching me…

In response my knees parting just a little wider, my hips a little more, my chest a little higher, my breasts jutting out a little more, my nipples, a little harder…

The whimper in the dark, so soft only I could hear it. Her busy fingers, her scent, I can smell her.

I see some of the nicest guys you’d ever hope to meet working as a Sydney based escort specialising in a genuine girlfriend experience (GFE for all you TLA lovers).

My regulars are especially important to me and it is always wonderful to spend sexy playtime with them. What I enjoy most is the intimacy and the level of comfort and trust we feel for each other during our rendezvous.

Two of my regulars Kelvin and Rob are actually business partners. They are always teasing each other about who has dipped into the petty cash and made a date to spend a few hours with their favourite lady.

It was late last week when I got a text from Rob asking what my availability was for Tuesday afternoon and evening. I was free so replied that I would be glad to see him then and where would he like to meet.

I had the most unusual booking in my career last week.

It started with an email enquiry from a woman looking for a girlfriend experience (gfe) in Sydney, from a mature escort, for her husband. With some scepticism I responded to her initial enquiry. I explained that Sydney couples escort work was not a service I usually provided and I could recommend private escorts in Sydney who did. She had been searching for an independent escort for her husband as he was too shy to do it. She had been looking at high class escorts in several Sydney escort reviews and thought I had the characteristic MILF look that would appeal to hubby. What she wanted was for a mature escort in Sydney, she didn’t want a regular prostitute in Sydney but someone special, to show her husband a few techniques. It was not couples work as such; it would just be him and I.

I pride myself as being a flexible mature escort in Sydney and from time to time I do enjoy some variety. Being an independent escort I can attend to the individual needs of each client. The opportunity presented itself recently to do a Sydney outcall roleplay and I welcomed the opportunity to do a gfe Sydney variant.