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Feeling the Pressure

A few weeks ago one of my lovely regular clients dropped by for some sexy times. I could tell from the start things were not right. He'd told me things were difficult and he needed some special time with his favourite Sydney escort.

As we embraced I could feel the tension in his body, he let me know of specific areas of tension. I reached up and I could feel the hard knots in his shoulders, noticing the unconscious scowl on his face. We moved quickly to the bedroom, and disrobed. Usually we play as we undress; the foreplay starts at the first touch of hand to zipper and button. Today, however, things were going decidedly off song.

When life gets too much and the to do list becomes an anchor on our soul rather than a path to success then for your own health and sanity you need some time out. The healing power of touch has been recognised across the ages. The right human touch can restore us in profound ways.

With many years’ experience as one of Sydney’s best known, high class, courtesans I knew it was time to change the tenor and tempo of this encounter.

A Sensual Massage

"Come lay on my table while I give you a massage. You're far too tense to enjoy anything in the state you're in now."

As he lay face down I gathered my supplies. Always prepared, my special hot massage oil and relaxation music were at the ready.

Covering his back in a full body towel, I proceeded to do some light kneading over his tensest regions. I introduced my touch to his body, slowly massaging his towel draped legs kneading each. Finally I removed the towel altogether and hot towelled his feet, the warmth of which increased his relaxation. He let go an inadvertent sigh of pleasure and relief.

In one fluid motion I applied the warm oil to his left leg and started stroking the whole leg in firm effleurage movements following the direction of blood flow back to his heart and um, err other places where it might be needed! The slow, smooth and rhythmical moments soothing the nerve endings, improving circulation, increasing the flow of lymph and promoting his relaxation.

Moving to his quadriceps and applying some petrissage movements. The double handed kneading movement increasing blood supply and relieving ache and pains. Connecting through to whole leg with more stroking moments and picking up his lower leg, resting it against my shoulder and applying friction movements through the gastrocnemius. Finishing off with more effleurage movements and repeated to the right leg.

It was time now to work on his back. Touching him I could feel his muscle bulk was large and strong but also with it, tired and fatigued. I needed to increase the depth of pressure and use more of my body weight to penetrate his muscle mass. I used a range of manipulations to stretch and relax him. Slowly and rhythmically using kneading, picking up, wringing interspersed with deep effleurage. Finally I applied a hot towel and could feel my client’s physical health and wellbeing improving rapidly.

Well things were progressing nicely, I could feel his tense muscles soften beneath my touch; the scowl was gone, replaced by his adorable smile. Finally my favourite part of the massage, the full body to body slide. Mmmm love the sensation of a man’s rough skin against my silky smooth body.