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Play Time at Last

My hands returned again along again his calves, the oil glistened against his skin, my fingers sliding along the length of his lower leg. A small moan escaped his lips as I progressed to his inner thighs, my touch working its magic. The inner thigh is a very erotic area, an intimate area, not often touched in everyday life. I could see his legs begin to part as I worked my way further toward his Gluteus Maximus. As I reached the base of his buttocks I reach down between his legs and gave those lovely balls a gentle massage of their own. Those poor full sacks were in serious need of release! I could feel their plentiful bounty in my hands. As I cupped his balls with one hand I worked his buttocks with the other. My fingers wandering, straying, teasing and seducing!

"Now gently, raise yourself up and roll over" I instructed. Mr Tension happily obliged, now however the only tension that remained was in that beautiful cock of his.

I leaned over him, my long hair brushing against him like gossamer kisses against his skin. Unable to resist the adorable sight of his glistening cock any longer I took him in my mouth for a sloppy BBBJ, my hand cupping his full balls as I worked him in my mouth. As I looked up into his eyes I could see my lover of old return.

My massage had drawn out the tension and strife, and as the body responded to my touch the mind followed. Now with a peaceful mind and a happy heart we could get back to some naughty business! Returning to the bedroom I had him lay down, slipping a condom on him I mounted that sweet shaft and leaned forward so he could suckle on my nipples, he likes that. I grasped the back of his head as he nuzzled into my breasts. Rocking gentle forward and back his cock deep inside me, squeezing him as I rocked.

A Happy Ending!

As he laid back I thrust my chest forward and played with my boobs, men are so into the visual, I wanted to fill all his senses with me, just as I knew he was soon going to do to me! Carefully I reached back with one hand and began to massage those lovely full sacks! It was delicious! The feel of him, hard inside me, my little hand that he so like on his cock was caressing his testes, those oh so full balls. As I thrust my chest forward and fondled my nipples for his enjoyment, I squeezed him tight and rocked. There! I could feel his balls tighten within my grasp, and then a moment later I felt his cock swell inside me as he came! The hot semen warming through the thin walls of the rubber, oh it was delicious! His cock pulsed again and again inside me as he gave me every drop.

Later we lay cuddled up together, the massage had taken his mind to a better place, just as I intended a place where he could properly enjoy our special time together and he could recharge his spirit. His problems remained, but now with some respite that only intimate human touch can provide he had his inner strength restored and much better placed to face his challenges.

Why a Professional Massage Therapist

Prospective clients sometimes ask why they should come to an independent classy masseuse rather than some $50 rub and tug walk in volume parlour. This is why. To touch someone, really touch them deeply, you need to touch their body, soul and mind. You need a fully trained professional to touch you that way, and that is why my regulars come to me for my full service massage.