Traveling sounds exciting, but business travel is usually lonely and boring. Another night of bland food, a couple of drinks then back to your hotel room to watch TV alone. Again. But now your visits to Sydney can take on a whole new flavour!

I'm Karen, I'm Sydney born and bred and I want to show you around! I’ll show you my favourite restaurants around town and back to a comfortable apartment in the CBD. A bottle of excellent wine, intelligent conversation and a totally relaxing evening will make your business travel seem like a luxury holiday.

For dessert you get to choose a slice of apple pie or me. Actually you don’t have to choose – you can have both. If fact you can have two slices of pie if you like!

Be pampered for an evening; wonderful food and great company in a true “full service” dining experience where we’ll save the very best for last. After dinner we’ll retire to my bedroom where you’ll be pampered and treated to exactly what you want.

This is a premium experience for the discerning gentleman. And don’t worry, even if you aren’t a business traveler you can still enjoy the delights of a gourmet dinner tour & dessert with Karen.

The total cost for this four-hour experience is $1400, which includes wine, dinner and all the “dessert” you can handle.

It may be that you’ll want me to come to your hotel instead of you coming to my place. That’s okay; just be aware that you’ll be treating me to dinner in a restaurant instead of me organising it for you.