I love to explore different aspects of sexuality with my clients. One area that is ripe for naughty fun is role playing.
Sometimes the role play provides a new focus to how we touch each other that brings pleasure. Other times it’s an opportunity to take a less dominant role in love making and sometimes it’s just for the variety.

Teacher / Student is a fun way to explore the sensual aspect of these inverted classical power roles. Sometimes they have adolescent fantasies that they could not enjoy when they were teenagers and role playing fires up these old memories and adds a new flavour to love making. Whatever the reason, I do enjoy dressing up and making my clients happy.

I’ve played Teacher to a well performing student, where he lived a fantasy about a hot young teacher fresh from teachers college. A Nurse that makes special intimate house calls. I’ve even been the forbidden fruit of the older woman.

Sometimes I think during these sessions my client is doing ‘her’ while he’s with me, I’m more than happy to be her avatar for him if it means I can make my client happy.